A Simple Ritual for Self-Forgiveness

affirmation crystal incense oils ritual self-forgiveness Nov 24, 2015

This morning in my quiet time, I was reflecting on mistakes. You know, those blunders we make that fill us with a deep sense of regret and force us to inwardly cringe. The ones that give us a sinking feeling or endure hot flashes of embarrassment - all of which are signs that those memories are still locked in our energy field.

Know what I'm talking about...?

Lucky for us, every day is a good day for self-forgiveness. So let's use our mistakes to show us where we've allowed our lives to get smaller than they were meant to be, release the need to replay those limiting decisions in our minds... and move on.

If you don't know how to forgive yourself, you may want to create a sacred ritual to let go. Sit in a quiet space, burn incense oils like nutmeg (to learn from past mistakes) or star jasmine (to release self-criticism). Hold a crystal that amplifies self-forgiveness like hematite, peridot, okenite or smoky quartz, and breathe deeply and gently. Then use the following affirmation to ground yourself: 'I acknowledge and release all that no longer serves me, and open up to greater wisdom, strength and love. All is well.'


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