How to Play Your Way to Joy

Feb 17, 2016

Want to have more joy in your life?


Play is a creative expression of who you are – the highest vibration of happiness and love. Your soul wants you to play and be in tune with the natural flow of life.

Play is your get-out-of-jail-free card.

Whenver you're stuck, or frustrated,  or hopeless and helpless, play. Whenever you're tired, down, unmotivated, or miserable, play.

Playful expression is a shortcut to transformation. 

Everything is energy and energy can change in an instant. When you lighten up your energy, it becomes so much easier to take action. Play around with your energy. Go backwards and connect with something joyful that happened in the past, or  fast forward and build a beautiful dream for the future.

Did you know that playing is instinctive and fundamental for any human being, no matter what age you are? Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, classifies playfulness and humor as emotional character strengths that help you to connect with other people. Playing also helps you to relax and stimulates your brain and body. It's a fun way to develop your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities and mental health!

Transform your current reality by playing with it. Don’t get so attached to your stories. Don’t get all serious and crunchy and intense. Invite a playful spirit in. Stop thinking about your mistakes. Blow up your mistakes and blow up the energy around your wrongness. Blow it out of the water, playfully. And then...

Just… laugh.

Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the world. Just shake your head and well... giggle if you must. Walls fall down when you laugh.

Laughter opens the flow to abundance. 

Living life is a pleasurable thing. To do, to be, isn’t heavy. It shouldn’t be a burden.

Everything feels better after a good laugh. A good hearty guffaw releases endorphins that promote feelings of wellbeing and help you manage pain. So the next time you're feeling under the weather or low on energy, head out to your local comedy club or invite your friends over for a funny film night. Then chuckle away!

Joy opens the door to manifesting.

Playfulness makes you feel more confident. It empowers you. When you play, you tap into inspirational energy. You create new options. When you embrace a playful spirit inside you, you give yourself permission to try on new thoughts and ideas.

The trick is to try things on. Try on,

'I deserve to be happy.'
'I don’t have to please everyone.'
'I don’t have to work so hard to get what I want.'

Anything else you would like to try on? Leave a comment below and let's play with it.

Let’s create miracles together!

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