How to Solve Every Problem...

Feb 20, 2017

It would be pretty wonderful if life could be problem-free, right? 

But we all know that's not going to happen any time soon. In fact, it often feels as if we take one step forward and three steps back. Because... well, life happens. 

Here's the thing... we attract the problems we encounter for the opportunity to learn, grow, and change. Each time you face a problem with a belief in your own ability to find a solution, courage, determination, and an intense desire for resolution, success becomes easier to achieve.

Have a problem that you need to solve right now?

Try this...

  • Get out your journal and write down exactly what the problem is.
  • Tune in to your Higer Self for guidance and solutions, and write down the positive steps and actions you can take to move closer to a resolution.
  • Describe your plan of action in great detail and set a date when each action will be completed.
  • Visualise these steps being taken easily and successfully. Allow yourself to feel the joy of finding the perfect solution to the problem.
  • Take the first step of action. Keep trying even if you encounter difficulties, disappointments and criticism. Keep visualizing your desire, and believe that your challenge is very close to being resolved. 
  • If your first plan is unsuccessful, make changes to allow it to work. Don't give in to despair or give up until your challenge is resolved.

It's important to connect with your inner knowing for the correct steps to take. List every possible solution. Brainstorm. 'Sleep on it' if you're still not sure. The more you allow your mind to play with it, the more creative solutions will surface.

Remember, you create what you strongly visualise, and that which you have a burning desire to manifest in your life. 

Once you gain clarity on the nature of any problem, it doesn't seem so overwhelming. And with a written plan of action comes a sense of power. 

You are the co-creator and director of your own life. Always trust yourself; you have the creativity, power, and inner strength to live a life you love. 

Affirmations to try on:

I see challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and change.

I listen to my inner voice for guidance.

Inspiration pours to me.

My actions come effortlessly.

Divine power and wisdom flow through me and make me strong.

Doors of opportunity fly open and success floods in. 



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