How to Tune into Your Body's Needs

self-care Mar 20, 2017

I have a question that I ask myself continuously throughout each and every day... and it's THE question that keeps me sane. I also teach every one of my clients to ask themselves this simple question throughout the day.

Here it is: 'What does my body need right now?'

And within the realm of what is possible for me, I try to honour my body's needs for nutritious food, hydration, rest, laughter, fun, time-out, breathing, a nap, disconnecting from technology, earthing, the sun on my face, meditation... and all such good things.

You see, so many of us live from the neck up, so overwhelmed by our to-do lists, and as a result, you miss the very important signals from your body. So I'd love for you to reflect on this in your journal. How well do YOU respond to the needs of your own body?

Do you eat when you're hungry? In fact, do you KNOW how hunger feels differently from a craving? Do you drink enough water? Do you sleep when you're tired, or take a break before you start to feel stressed?

Learning to pay attention to such signals will go a LONG way in moving towards wellbeing. Overlooking these signals on the other hand, can cause trouble. For example, disregarding pain can lead to major health issues. Or ignoring hunger pangs can lead to feeling so famished that you eat foods that don't serve your body at all.

The more tuned in to your body you are, the better choices you'll make to honour your emotional and spiritual wellness. And as you learn to pay attention to the signals that your body gives you throughout the day, you'll find that it becomes a wise and trustworthy partner.

  • Are you hungry? If so, what does your body really need to feel nourished? (And please note, what your body NEEDS is often very different from what your body WANTS... ) :)
  • Are you tired? Have you had enough sleep?
  • Do you need to go to the bathroom? (Yip, we're often so busy that we ignore this important signal.)
  • Are you holding tension, discomfort or stress anywhere in your body? (Mentally scan your body from head to toe.)
  • What part of your body feels weak or tired?
  • Do you have discomfort in any parts of your body that you've become so used to that you're simply ignoring it?
  • What part of your body feels strong?
  • Do you notice any emotions connected to your body? (For example do you feel a burning of sadness in your chest area, or a constriction in your throat relating to anger, or a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach?)

The more you practice tuning in to your body, the more you'll respond to its needs in a wise and intelligent way. Also remember that when you pay attention to the sensations you're feeling right now, you shift your awareness to the present moment - the wisest place to live.

Make sense? xo

*ps. And if you want a smile, check this out... :)

Let us know in the Self-care for the Soul group on Facebook how your body feels right now. We'd love to know! xo


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