I Don't Have the Time, and Other Lies I Tell Myself

Feb 17, 2016

I'm a liar.

There. I admitted it.

I lie to myself all the time. I lie to myself every time I come up with the excuse that I don't have the time, or that it's too late to start now, or that I'll get my shit together... tomorrow.

The truth is that it's not a time-issue, it's a priority issue.

I create the time for the things that are truly important to me.

I create even more time for the things that are easy and I love and don't require me to master new skills.

Some of the lies I tell myself are so ingrained that I don't even recognize them as lies anymore. Like the lies I tell myself about over-indulgence and a lack of self-discipline and the challenges of change. The easy way out is to believe the lie that it's too late to change now. But we're always changing, aren't we? It's just that we resist change, even though deep down we know that raw power will show up with the willingness to change.

I'm willing to bet that, just like me, you lie to yourself all the time. Perhaps you allow yourself to believe that you're not worthy of love or happiness or wealth. Perhaps you've made your peace with the idea that you are 'damaged goods' or too young, too old, too tired, too busy. Perhaps you've given up on trying to change your old habits and patterns because it's just too damn hard.

The question is, if it's so easy to distort the truth, how do you even know you're lying to yourself?

You know it when there are inconsistencies in your life. If you love order but your house is full of junk, something is out of balance. If you say you believe in abundance but all you manifest are bills and debt, something counterintuitive is going on.

Believe this:

You're a miracle of energy and light.

You're pure consciousness.

And when you tune into the truth of who you are and what you think and feel and do, a new reality starts to form. When you're willing to speak the truth and acknowledge to yourself that you have a tendency to lie, betray, cheat and depress yourself, you can move into compassion and self-forgiveness. Because the truth is that you also have impeccable integrity. You're also kind and loyal and faithful and honest and courageous. In fact,

You're a true expression of the divine.

Perhaps it's time to acknowledge the lies you tell yourself... and if you want a different reality, let them go.

Lie: I am not ENOUGH.

Is this really true?
Do I want this to be true for me?

If the answer is no, let it go.

Be willing to move from a lie to the truth. Delete the lies that don't serve you anymore. Gently let the self-statements fall away that you don't want in your life; that aren't aligned with your life purpose and where you want to go. Or use energy statements and powerful intention to rock your world and blow lies right out of the water. Whatever your style, just clear the falsehoods, the judgments, fears, obligations and resistance... everything that keeps you from being healthy, wealthy and happy.

You can make choices from a place of awareness and loving-kindness. You can be totally kind to yourself. You can dispel any lies that you're not enough.

And then... Watch out for signs that something new is happening on an energetic level.

Do you feel more peaceful? More joyous? Cool things showing up?

It will happen as soon as you commit to living in truth.

Please leave a comment and let me know what lies you're telling yourself and what is the truth.

Let’s create miracles together!

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