Letting Go of Perfection

Feb 17, 2016

Someone I love recently asked me what I thought I had to offer the world. What immediately came to mind was the culmination of my life's work, the Manifesting Miracles eProgram, in which I teach women who feel secretly unfulfilled, frustrated and unworthy to tune in to the Divine and accomplish their deepest heart's longings.

Then: 'Do you live what you teach?'

That question stopped me in my tracks.

Yes. Of course I live what I teach... but no, not PERFECTLY. Not all the time. There are many days that I still experience a disconnection between living the life I've always dreamed of and my everyday reality. In fact, I go off track every time that I get too busy to be mindful, and forget to use the gifts of my vivid imagination, spend time in prayer, and neglect to maintain my meditation practice.

The conversation filled me with discomfort, guilt and shame. It brought me face to face with that part of me that WANTS to set a perfect example for the women in our community - and how paralysed I feel when I don't have it all together. In fact, the thought often crosses my mind that I have to wait until I have something PERFECT to offer the world before I take the next step.

But life is messy and often chaotic. Emotions ebb and flow. Circumstances change, and failure, disappointment and loss are all part of the magnificent fabric that make up your life. The more you strive for perfection in an imperfect world, the more fear and doubt you accumulate in your inner world.

The liberating truth is that you don't have to wait until your own life is in perfect alignment with your best intentions before you can share your message. You don't have to have it all figured out before you start to help others. There are so many people who need your advice, guidance and support, who need to hear about your strengths and your vulnerabilities, and who will be inspired by your story and your struggle - precisely because you're NOT perfect.

Right here, right now, you are invited to let go of the uptight determination to be perfect.

When you let go of perfection, decisions are easier to make. You are more optimistic, more open-hearted. You love and honour yourself, just the way you are.

When you let go of perfection, you ask for help when you need it. You do less PROVING and more enjoying.

When you let go of perfection, you are free to pursue your desires in a way that's life-affirming, instead of soul-depleting. Perfection burns you out. Soul-anchored intentions on the other hand, are the way to live your truth with beauty and compassion - yes, for yourself as much as for others.

Just try it... and see how brightly you shine. 

Let's create miracles together!

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