The Power of Circles for Women

Sep 24, 2017

In today’s fast paced age, it’s easy to feel disconnected. We run from one obligation to the next, barely taking time out to eat a healthy meal or stop and breathe for a few minutes.

The modern woman is stressed out, over-scheduled, and under-nourished, and this kind of lifestyle is suffocating our innate feminine powers. We’re under pressure to be in a masculine energy all of the time- to succeed at work, to juggle all of our responsibilities, and to never show weakness, we have been denying the Divine Feminine within. And with any kind of imbalance, if it’s allowed to go on too long, it saps our life force.

Perhaps you can relate with that feeling?

Wired for Tribe

Besides the wonderful gifts of receptivity, creativity, and intuition, the feminine in you is also wired for tribe.

Your inner goddess shines her brightest when surrounded by a group of other like-minded women, and it is within these sacred circles that you can truly step into your own personal power. Within a tribe of your sisters, true transformation can occur, and your spiritual growth can expand to new dimensions.

This safe space among other women, is critical for developing your sense of self, practicing empathy, and sharing our collective wisdom.

So, what happened that today’s woman is so isolated from her sisters? And what is it doing to our culture as a whole?

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women

In the time of our ancestors, we operated as a collective. Nobody handled their day to day life all alone, like many of us do now. Tribal women would gather together every single day! They would fetch water together, cook food together, and look after children together. They would sing songs, dance, tell stories, and show affection, and this kind of regular bonding was a key aspect of creating happy and empowered girls and women. And the elder women were especially revered for their wisdom and spiritual guidance for the entire tribe. Whether these ancient women were gathering food or playing with the children, they did it together. And that’s something we are seriously lacking in our modern age.

As culture shifted out of cooperation and into competition, out of matriarchal structure and into a patriarchal one, the close bonds between women became strained. We were expected to stay indoors, do our womanly duties, and refrain from expressing our true, vibrant nature.

The rise of industry and the ideal of “productivity at all cost” forced us apart, and limited the “free” time we had to socialize with our sisters. We shut ourselves away in separated housing, only pausing to connect with other women at the grocery store or between work meetings. And while women today have more economic opportunities, we’ve lost a lot of our inherent feminine nature, which values authenticity, compassion, and trust.

We have also lost touch with our connection to nature, the ultimate Divine Feminine force. Our tribal ancestors lived in complete harmony with their environment, always tuned in to the subtle energies of the moon, the stars, the forests, and the rivers. Women who came before us took advantage of their inner wildness, and freely expressed themselves among the trees, animals, flowers, and celestial bodies. Furthermore, the women of the tribe were often the ones to organize rituals and ceremonies centering around things like the changing of the seasons or the phases of the moon, and took the lead in communicating with the earth spirits. As women, this is our birthright. But how many of us are truly in sync with our natural world?

Today’s culture may be more advanced in some ways than it used to be, but it comes at a price. We live in a time of judgment, of shame, of separatism. We are more polarized, more fearful, and more apathetic than ever before. And it’s no wonder that our rates of chronic disease, depression, and anxiety are skyrocketing too. We are not meant to live in a place of isolation, where work is valued above family, and where self-righteousness takes precedence over compassion and understanding. Now is the time, and only women can lead the shift back towards a healthier and more cooperative way of being.

Stepping into Feminine Leadership

Women are born healers, and together, our powers to raise consciousness and change the world are amplified. This stems from the unique energy that is created when a group of passionate women come together. This is the energy of belonging, of safety, and of camaraderie.

Within a tribe of women, a sacred space comes forth, bearing witness to your struggles and triumphs, and making way for your healing. Only within the safety and love of a circle of sisters can you release your feelings of shame and unworthiness, and step into your power and claim your birthright as a child of the Divine. You are already perfect and whole, but sometimes it takes a tribe of other women to remind us of this truth.

None of us are meant to walk this Earth alone, and none of us are meant to heal in isolation. While solo practice and personal development are important, we must not downplay the importance of our sisters in helping us become the fullest, most vibrant, and most empowered versions of ourselves. We all need (and deserve!) a safe space to be heard, where we can express our authentic selves, and where we can tell our stories. And there is also something incredibly healing about the complementary side of that coin: when we learn to hold space for others in a compassionate, nonjudgmental way, we can heal others as we heal ourselves. A tribe of women provides a priceless sanctuary in which we can grow and experience the Divine in new ways.

Joining in Circle

When you join a circle of other soul-powered women, you say “yes” to your truest self.

Circle work is both practical and spiritual, offering you new insights and tools to live the life you were always meant to live. With your sisters by your side, you can engage in meaningful ritual, honoring the Divine within yourself and everyone around you, and reconnect with your personal purpose. There is nothing quite as powerful as exploring the sacred, surrounded by your tribe. You will encounter love and healing unlike anything else you’ve experienced!

Our inherent way of being is a cooperative, community-centered one. As women, the need for a circle of other women is woven into our very DNA, and it is only when you tap into your tribe that you will finally shift those things that you’ve been struggling to release thus far. There is a deep and sacred magic within a women’s circle, waiting to greet you with arms wide open. Perhaps you have heard this voice, this whisper of your heart, urging you to find your tribe. Your spirit understands the value in this social investment, but often our limited human minds forget just how transformational it can be.

So wherever you are right now, take stock. Are you surrounded by a tribe of like-minded sisters that lift you up, encourage your spiritual growth, and create safe space for you? And if you’re not, the only real question is…what are you waiting for?

Your vibrant, empowered, and Divine tribe of women is ready to meet you today. xo


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