Sanity-Saving Strategies to Let That Sh*t Go

let that shit go letting go universal law Jun 16, 2016

In many ancient healing traditions across the globe, it is believed that stagnation is the enemy of good health, and when you really step back and look at your life, this truth can be applied to every aspect.

Why do we, as humans, feel so restless and dissatisfied when things stop moving and changing? Why do we lose our luster when we fall into a rut of doing and believing the same things, day in and day out? It’s because our entire existence, the whole of the Universe, is built on dynamic movement! Everything, all around us, is in a state of constant flux.  

The truth is very simple: when we are constantly evolving and growing, we are in tune with universal law, and when we are stagnant and stuck, we are out of tune with it. And since we are all connected to this luminous web, when we step out of alignment with the Divine flow, we feel uncomfortable. We get anxious, we feel bored, we feel fatigued. All of these things can simply be symptoms of being closed off to the possibility of change, and we often feel much better once we get the energies moving again! Change can be scary, but it’s those fears that anchor us down and keep us stuck- now’s the time to let that shit go and get back into the dynamic flow of the Universe!

Every great shift begins with a thought, and intention to go in a different direction. And after you have made a conscious intention to break free of your lackluster state, here are three areas where you should invite movement back into your life!

1. Move your body

Our physical body and energetic body are intimately linked, so when you move one, you move the other! If you spend a lot of time sitting or lying down, this could be one reason you’re feeling out of sorts and running into roadblocks in other areas of your life. And you don’t have to take up a rigorous exercise routine in order to get things moving again- this is an invitation to move in a way that is enjoyable and authentic to you and your body’s talents.

You can pop on some headphones and dance in your living room, take a yoga class, learn Qi Gong, take a nice stroll around your local park, or run around the backyard with your kids. Our bodies love to move, and this movement can provide the momentum you need to let go of stagnation wherever it lies. 

2. Move your mind

“If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!” It’s true, especially when it comes to mental capacity. The people across the world with the healthiest brains and happiest outlooks are the ones who are constantly learning and challenging themselves. Our minds are constantly trying to make new neural connections, but if you’re continually doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and reinforcing the same old belief patterns, your brain is only going to get into a rut. We have tremendous potential energy in our minds, so why not use it to create a positive shift?

Think about how you can show your noggin some love- is there a subject you’ve always been fascinated with? Perhaps sign up for a class at your local rec center or community college? Check out some new interesting books at your library. Try a new puzzle or game, and challenge your family! Help your kids with their homework. Pick a new podcast to listen to every week. Drive a new route to work. Do a routine chore with your non-dominant hand. Look for new ways to engage your brain, and mix things up every few weeks to stay fresh!

3. Move your spirit 

Staying in connection with the sacred is crucial to living a truly fulfilling and empowered life, and this requires practice and devotion. When you stray from your spiritual practice, you may notice that you lack motivation, inspiration, and have a hard time finding meaning in what you do. If you want to break free from the rut you’re in, and let go of the shit holding you back from a soul-powered life, you’ve got to shift back into alignment with the Divine. But the Universe can only meet you halfway- you have to make the effort to show up and be open to what is coming next. 

Perhaps now is the time to seek some kind of fellowship with a spiritual community in your area? Or you could sign up to be a volunteer for a cause you believe in. There are many ways to move your spirit, including prayer, chanting, meditation, energy work like Reiki, using oracle cards, or doing random acts of kindness. Find a few things that resonate with you, and approach each one with an open heart. 



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