The Magical Space Between Being Stuck And Stepping Into Your Power

being stuck law of attraction let that shit go letting go Jun 16, 2016

Personal transformation is an amazing thing, and one that requires a good deal of intention and energy. It embodies the magic of change, of movement, and of momentum, and it only happens in between the feeling of being stuck, and being empowered.

In the middle of where you are right now, and where you want to be, lies a vast and exciting land of awakening that, like the tides, can flow and shift you from an existence of boredom to a life lived on purpose and with passion. Too often, we get overly focused on the end goal, and find ourselves longing and planning and wishing that things would hurry up and just be different already! You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “It’s the journey, not the destination, that really counts”, and now is your chance to really live that wisdom.

For anything to change in nature, a strong, sometimes violent, force is needed to shake things up. Powerful storms blow through to clear out pollution and bring in life-giving rain. Forest fires rip through the hills and valleys, wiping out dry and diseased flora, to give a fresh start to whatever takes root there next. Mother Nature knows that it takes a burst of energy to enact a change, so she can maintain balance and promote new and more adaptable life. All of these giant, planet-changing forces started out very small- with a tiny spark or a shift in air pressure, and when it comes to us human beings, all of our changes begin with one simple thing- a choice. 

If you’re at all familiar with the law of attraction or the power of manifestation, you already know that your attention and intention are the most effective things that you can throw behind anything that you desire in life. When you consciously decide to think about things differently, or behave in a different way, this alone causes a ripple effect out into the smallest corners of your existence and beyond, shifting your home life, your career, and the community around you. But much of the time, we are stuck in our same-old routine, not fully present or engaged in any decision that we make. We’re running around on autopilot most of the time, and our choices are made by default, choosing to continue doing the same things in the same ways that we always have. Talk about a disempowered position!

The truth is, you are a co-creator of your life and everything in it. What surrounds you, whether that’s physical clutter or unfulfilling relationships, are only there because, on some level, you invited them. Just take a look at what is happening for you right now, at this moment in your life. What does your work life look like? How do you keep your home and other material possessions? What is the state of your relationships with loved ones, colleagues, and others? Where are you procrastinating or making excuses? How do you treat your body? You can probably identify at least a half a dozen things that you would like to change right now, so what is holding you back? 

We are all so good at staying stagnant, even when we know deep down that it’s not serving us anymore. It’s challenging to enact change, to break bad habits, and start mindfully choosing beliefs and behaviors that support and nourish our true selves. But instead of getting caught up in all the “how’s” and overanalyzing every potential pitfall along the way, as we are wont to do, instead let us place our energy in our power of choice. We are all magnificent, luminous beings that have the power to shift and create the kinds of lives we dream of living, but every huge shift originates as a conscious thought. Now is your opportunity to set an intention, right here and right now, to break free from your lackluster existence, and start experiencing the rich, full, and exciting life you want!

If you’re not sure where to start, it is helpful to do a little journaling exercise and identify the areas in your life where you are making default choices, instead of fully aware and empowered ones. Think about how you spend your time and money, as these are often the biggest clues as to our priorities, and ask yourself, “does this resonate with the real me?” Once you have a few areas identified where you wish to bring your mindful attention, pick one to start with, and set a clear intention to create a different reality. To give your intention more power, you may want to repeat it out loud, write it somewhere visible, or share it with someone who can hold you accountable. 


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