The Sweetness of Surrender

let that shit go letting go surrender Jun 16, 2016

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill, running and running, but never really getting anywhere? Perhaps you feel like you’re trying so damn hard to make your life work, or make a change, but nothing seems to come together?

We can probably all relate, since we are constantly being told to “grab life by the reins” and “take the initiative”, and that hard work is the only true path to success and happiness. But then, if we are all working so hard, putting in so many hours, and making so many sacrifices…why aren’t we happy? 

So many people are in a constant state of stress, afraid of losing control, lest their entire life come crumbling down at any moment. That kind of strain and fear-based thinking is what keeps us stuck, terrified to loosen our grip and go with the flow of the Divine. We are taught that we should always be at the helm of our life’s ship, but what if the truth was actually the opposite? What if we were creating more pain and suffering for ourselves by resisting the flow and the changes that it brings? It is actually our state of stubbornness that is getting in the way of our empowerment. 

You’ve probably heard about the concept of surrender, maybe from a spiritual teacher or self-help book. Maybe you’ve thought about it in an abstract sense, or weren’t sure how to really invite this incredible force into your life. It’s hard to let go of our sense of control, and our attachment to our routines- after all, this is what we (our ego-selves) believe keeps us safe in an unsafe world. The more we are in fear, the tighter we clamp down, and the more control we try to exert over our environment. And while this may work in the short term, it is a guaranteed train to disaster-town!

To truly surrender, we must be in a place of trust. A trust in a power greater than ourselves, or a power that we know works for the good and balance of the Universe. We must have someone or something we can hand over the reins to, and feel okay, deep down in our being, that things will work out exactly as they’re supposed to. If you believe that the Universe is an inherently scary, selfish, violent place, you will never be able to fully surrender, because that wouldn’t be safe to do! But if you realize that the Universe is a place of truth, light, and goodness, it will make much more sense to relax into the flow, and allow that Divine wisdom to guide your life instead of putting up a fight.

Right now, bring to mind something that you’ve been struggling with lately. This can be a job or career issue, a strained relationship, a personal project you can’t seem to get off the ground, or something else. Notice any sensations that arise in your body as you think about this. Do you feel your muscles getting tight, or heat rising in a specific area? What kinds of emotions are coming up? Are there colors or images that are appearing for you? Really sit with this issue for a moment, and let yourself feel your frustration, your grief, your uncertainty. And now, let’s shift into another possibility.

Imagine that you could step away from the control panel for a moment and let the Divine do the navigating for you. Envision yourself stepping back and surrendering all of your anxiety, your fear, and your desire for dominance, and instead allowing a new, more peaceful energy to fill you. Allow the Universe to hum away in the background, while you focus on simply being right here, right now, in this moment. No more worries about the future, or stressing about everything that could go wrong, or ruminating about what the “right” path of action might be. Just sweet, beautiful, tranquil surrender. 

Can you feel the warmth flow through you? Can you feel your muscles unclench and soften? When you can mindfully let go of all the shit you’ve been clinging so tightly to, you will feel a peace and contentment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Everything in your life, including those things you’re stressing about right now, will work itself out, so why keep white-knuckling it? Wouldn’t it be better to surrender to the Divine flow, and let its current wash away your emotional pain and mental frustration? Settle into that sweet and sacred space, and make a commitment right now to let go of resistance and hand over the reins, so you can get back to living a life in alignment with the Universe. 


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