The Things that Really Matter

Feb 17, 2016

However storm-tossed your life's journey might be, you can always count on a source of calm in the depths of your inner being - if only you knew how to find it. But amidst all the turbulence of your busy life, your mind chatter and disturbing emotions, where do you even begin to look?

Here's the secret...

You close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and take a deep dive within. You focus on love, harmony, and the spirit - for these are the things that really matter. These are the essentials that provide a foundation for living more at ease with yourself, with each other, and with whatever life brings.

Every visit to the Soulwoman Sanctuary brings with it the gift of potent reminders to tune into the deep stillness and tranquility that you can find in a life of simplicity, acceptance, gratitude, love, peace, and faith. When you enter into the stillness at the core of yourself, you are touched by a power greater than your own. It's a place of strength, hope and renewal emerging from an inexhaustible well of blessings.

Once you learn to detach from the distractions that disturb and oppress your soul, all the energy previously tied up in inner turmoil is set free to flow abundantly. The more grounded you feel in self-acceptance and a growing confidence that you're here on this earth to live with purpose and passion, the more joyously you connect with all the people around you - your family and friends, your co-workers and business partners,  those who are suffering, and the whole of humanity with whom you share a cherished kinship.

You have the power to be a beacon of peace, radiating your light into the world. Relax, reflect, and be inspired - if you find wisdom here, please enjoy it and share it. You are so very welcome here.

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