Why Conscious Decluttering Clears the Space for Healing and Emotional Relief

decluttering healing let that sh*t go letting go Jun 16, 2016

Do you have past fears and hurts that are still nagging you? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns that you just can’t seem to let go of? Most of us do, but most of us also go about trying to heal these things in a haphazard way.

Perhaps we put ourselves in talk therapy for a few years, say some affirmations, go on a spiritual retreat, or move to a new city. We may feel relief for a little while, but those same old pains and belief patterns start coming to the surface again, and we’re frustrated and unsure of what to do next. When all along, a big clue may have been staring us right in the face!

If you are at home right now, take a moment to look around you. If you’re somewhere else, try to envision your living space in your mind’s eye. Really pay attention to the physical things that you have in your environment- hanging on the walls, strewn on the countertops, packed in the closets…just start with what you can easily see from where you’re sitting. Now, what about if we dig a little deeper? Let’s open some drawers and cabinets, throw open a few closet doors, or peek into the garage or attic. How much do you see now? Are there bins and boxes cluttering up your view? As you take in all of the visual, material objects in your home, really tap in and see how it makes you feel. Are there emotions arising? Chances are good that you’re having some kind of emotional response right now, and that’s the first key in finding space for healing!

It has been said that our external world is simply a mirror of our internal world. And with that principle in mind, we can begin working to invite the kind of spacious and supportive energy that we need to move forward with clarity and empowerment. If you are the type that hangs on to physical things, hoards material possessions, and has a hard time parting with your stuff, perhaps those tendencies are mirroring some deeper emotional aspects of yourself. Maybe you are afraid of letting go of something from your past, or you fear moving forward without a “safety blanket” of some kind. Or perhaps you are covering up who you really are, because you’re too scared to let your true self shine? We can learn so much about ourselves just from paying attention to our living spaces!

The amount and kind of clutter that we hold on to can say a lot about us, perhaps more than we realize. Again, when we think about our material possessions and physical environment as a reflection of our internal world, we can reframe our reasons why we buy, create, or keep the things that we do. If your house is a mess and filled with cheap junk, perhaps your inner home is also cluttered and clogged up with low-vibration feelings, beliefs, patterns, and thoughts. Your home and possessions are made up of energy, just like everything else in the universe, so now’s the time to ask yourself, what kind of energy do you want to invite into your life? Do you want things to remain stagnant, untidy, and cramped? Or do you want to shift things into a place of joy, spaciousness, and clarity? 

Many traditional therapeutic programs don’t invoke profound and lasting healing, because most of them do not address the physical environment as well as the emotional one. You can go to your marriage counselor every week, but if your bedroom is crammed with clutter, your relationship may continue to suffer. When you can apply your intention and energy to clearing physical space in your home, you will find that you are also clearing internal space that you can use to process and fully heal from past wounds and limiting beliefs. Consciously clearing the clutter from your house allows you to gain insight into what’s truly important to you, and it will allow you to let go of all the things that don’t serve you, both inside and out. Starting that momentum in your material world will carry over into your emotional and spiritual world, and that shift is where profound healing begins.

Consider this your sacred invitation to examine your external space and how it may be mirroring your inner, emotional workings. Use this insight to begin the exciting adventure of decluttering, and enjoy the lightness that you create, harnessing the energy you’ve freed up to heal and release the hurts and fears that have been cluttering up your heart and soul. 


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