Wondering What It's Like to be in Sacred Circle with Us?

soulwoman soulwoman circles Nov 14, 2015

Well, in our private Circle groups, we frequently notice heart-warming comments from women who feel they have finally 'found their home'. For some of our members, after years of never feeling completely comfortable or fully accepted elsewhere in their lives, it's not uncommon for our Circles to offer exactly the kind of deep, unconditional connection and support they've been craving.

And it's not just the invaluable connection and support that Circles offer in times of crisis. It's laughter. Companionship. A cheer squad, standing beside us while we take our first, tentative steps outside our comfort zones. It's a 'family' ready to celebrate our growth spiritually, and in so many other important arenas in our lives.

Sometimes, for the first time, our members feel confident enough to share their creativity with other people. For all their lives, they've been told they're not 'enough'. Not good enough, not clever enough, not artistic or musical or sporty enough... In a circle of women, blessed by Divine wisdom and love, everybody is enough.

Imagine finding the very safest place to explore who you are, at core level. To try new ways of thinking and feeling and being. To spark your creative spirit with soul art work. To share this with people who really get it. People who really get you.

What we're doing—not just the two of us, but the thousands of people who interact every week in our various private groups— is vitally important in an increasingly disconnected world. Every single Circle is a beautiful space brimming with genuine goodwill, and a vibe that is soothing and nurturing.

It's a place with a deep focus on unapologetic self-care. Unapologetic creativity. Unapologetic spiritual growth.

And with every fresh Circle, beginning on each New Moon, there's a new level of excitement and curiosity as people explore their access to the private membership area that houses all of the Circle's content, and delve into the special private Facebook group filled with like-minded, curious, loving souls who welcome every single person there with open hearts.

Get notified when our next Circle opens here: http://soulwomancircles.com

Hope to see you soon,

Mia and Karen xo


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