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Healing Inner Child Wounds with Mindfulness

As a psychologist who has treated many women struggling with childhood wounds, I've seen firsthand how difficult it can be to heal from past trauma. Childhood wounds can leave deep emotional scars that affect our relationships, our sense of self-worth, and our ability to feel safe and secure in the world.

But the good news is that there are many tools and techniques available for healing these wounds, and one of the most powerful is mindfulness.

One of my clients, whom I'll call Sarah, came to me struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression that she traced back to a deep motherhood wound. Sarah described her mother as cold and narcissistic, and because her mother didn't make her feel accepted for who she was, she felt unworthy of love throughout her entire childhood. Through our work together, we explored different tools and techniques for healing inner child wounds, and mindfulness therapy emerged as one of the most powerful.

Here are some ways that mindfulness can...

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Making Mindfulness Work for You

Mindfulness is a topic where we can go super deep - but I'd like to keep it as practical as possible. Personally, I'm most interested in a spirituality that actually moves us forward into more joy and a deeper sense of peace. And for that, we need to learn the skills of mindful living, and practise them.

But first, let's get our heads around what mindfulness actually entails, and then... let's practice. 

Making Mindfulness Work for You

We spend our lives trying to be happy, but often end up chasing our own tails. We project happiness into the future, promising ourselves that we would be happy if only we could win the lottery, get the promotion, live in a nicer house, have less stress, earn more money... 

Yet the key to true happiness lies not in the outside world, but deep within. 

The simple idea of mindfulness is to give you control of your life through being present to what is happening in your mind and in your body, instead of being tossed around by the...

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Finding Calm in a Busy World

The room is quiet around me. I'm sitting in my favourite chair within sight of a butterfly alighting on my aloe vera plant, then fluttering away. A sweet aroma lifts from the lit candles gathered on the coffee table, evoking some nostalgia within me. I'm wearing my favourite Bali pants, and I have a soft blanket tucked around me. My beloved journal lies within reach. I'm paying attention to my diaphragm as it expands and contracts with each breath, in and out.

I'm thinking of how the world as we know it is slowly being eroded. Our social lives, our working lives, our educational systems all changed, and are still changing. And I'm reminding myself that in difficult times, we must be gentle with ourselves.

If you become used to living with stress, you won't recognise it for what it is. It begins to feel normal, but it isn't. Living with stress means constant activation of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Levels of cortisol become significantly elevated in the body,...

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Daily Spiritual Practice: A Moment of Stillness

When the frantic pace and busyness of life seem overwhelming and inescapable, remember that tranquility is just a moment of stillness away.

Reconnect with a deep sense of inner calm by allowing a soothing serenity to ripple through you like flowing water.

1. Choose a quiet spot and sit in stillness.

2. Breathe deeply as you bring to mind the sound of tinkling water.

3. Relax and soften into an all-embracing calmness within and without.

4. Set an intention to laze in the waters of tranquility at regular intervals during the day.


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The Power of Circles for Women

In today’s fast paced age, it’s easy to feel disconnected. We run from one obligation to the next, barely taking time out to eat a healthy meal or stop and breathe for a few minutes.

The modern woman is stressed out, over-scheduled, and under-nourished, and this kind of lifestyle is suffocating our innate feminine powers. We’re under pressure to be in a masculine energy all of the time- to succeed at work, to juggle all of our responsibilities, and to never show weakness, we have been denying the Divine Feminine within. And with any kind of imbalance, if it’s allowed to go on too long, it saps our life force.

Perhaps you can relate with that feeling?

Wired for Tribe

Besides the wonderful gifts of receptivity, creativity, and intuition, the feminine in you is also wired for tribe.

Your inner goddess shines her brightest when surrounded by a group of other like-minded women, and it is within these sacred circles that you can truly step into your own personal...

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Permission to Rise

I'm wondering...

  • When is the last time that you felt truly, vibrantly alive?
  • When did you last experience a sense of joy and purpose so deep and all-encompassing that it brought you to your knees?
  • When was the last morning that you woke up with your whole being buzzing with the light and love of the Universe?

For too many women in our modern age, these questions are met with a blank stare, or a flush of embarrassment, or perhaps a few tears.

The truth is, most of us are going through our day-to-day lives on autopilot, never really feeling or experiencing the reality of our inherent divinity, or taking the time to connect with the people and passions around us.

We’re overworked, underappreciated, and ultimately disconnected from ourselves, and our society reinforces this by idealizing busy-ness, self-sacrifice, and the quest for productivity above all else.

This rushing river of overabundant masculine energy has washed away and eroded our collective honor for the feminine....

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The Art of Ritual

Think about how calming it is to go through a familiar set of steps before you climb into bed at night. Or how hectic your morning would be without your morning coffee and breakfast made just the way you like it. Rituals give us a great sense of comfort in our lives. And today, I want to share with you how creating your own ritual can enhance your spiritual practice.

So what exactly is ritual?

It's simply a series of actions and practices filled with intention. And that's the key - there's an intention behind what you're doing. And depending on your intentions, rituals will help you manifest what you desire, cultivate a deeper sense of self-love, accelerate your healing process, and deepen your relationship with Spirit as you create a sense of sacredness in your life.

It doesn't matter what your spiritual or religious background is, or your age, or your occupation. Rituals are a powerfully important way to stay connected to the Divine. And that's why, since the dawn of time, humans...

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Simplifying Self-Care

I've got a question for you, lovelies...

How well do you look after yourself?

A simple question but it’s surprising how many women see self-care as ‘just another job on their to-do list’. Something that's supposed to make us feel BETTER often makes us feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and out of control.

But here's the thing…

Self-care is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.

It’s about adding more pleasurable activities to your life. And what YOU find pleasurable isn’t necessary what everyone else finds pleasurable, which is perfectly okay.

If there's nothing more you love than just having some me-time, spending time with yourself at home, reading a good book or baking cookies, or relaxing in a long hot bath, then that would be the perfect thing to make space for in your life.

Maybe going out and spending quality time with good friends is what you love to do. If so, organising  a date with your besties would be the perfect way...

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How to Tune into Your Body's Needs

I have a question that I ask myself continuously throughout each and every day... and it's THE question that keeps me sane. I also teach every one of my clients to ask themselves this simple question throughout the day.

Here it is: 'What does my body need right now?'

And within the realm of what is possible for me, I try to honour my body's needs for nutritious food, hydration, rest, laughter, fun, time-out, breathing, a nap, disconnecting from technology, earthing, the sun on my face, meditation... and all such good things.

You see, so many of us live from the neck up, so overwhelmed by our to-do lists, and as a result, you miss the very important signals from your body. So I'd love for you to reflect on this in your journal. How well do YOU respond to the needs of your own body?

Do you eat when you're hungry? In fact, do you KNOW how hunger feels differently from a craving? Do you drink enough water? Do you sleep when you're tired, or take a break before you start to feel...

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How to Create Your Own Mandalas

When it comes to all of those beautiful loops and spirals, there is more than what meets the eye. A mandala is an awesome way to experiment with doodles, shapes and symmetry. 

Mandalas have been created by many different cultures, from all the areas of the globe, and have been enjoyed for personal transformation, spiritual connection, and self-expression for centuries. Perhaps you have seen these intricate, circular patterns in books, in artwork, or in the latest décor? They are enjoying a renaissance right now, and more and more people are picking up on the joy and healing that they can bring!

Creating your own mandala is a very personal and intuitive process, and is far more than a pretty piece of art. The mandala is circular in form, representing the wholeness and continuity of the Universe, and its geometric pattern can reveal truths from the cosmos as well as those inside your own spirit. Making a mandala is an act of dynamic meditation, as you tap in and call forth...

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